Saturday, 8 October 2011

Customised Sport

Customised Sport make Customised Sportswear for you through our CustomisedZone programme!

We also make and distribute several MMA and Lifestyle brands such as Heshi Fightwear, Demon Fightwear, Angel Fightwear and Unite Fightgear.

We also distribute H2N Nutrition the freshest and newest Supplement brand in the UK!

To find out more go to

Customised Sport Are Proud to Sponsor Fabricio Nascimento with Demon Fightwear

Fabricio Nascimento adds Demon Fightwear to his growing list of sponsors! Go to to see how cool he is going to look!

Customised Sport Are Proud To Sponsor Laura Howarth

Angel Fightwear now sponsor Laura Howarth, check out a full profile and some videos of Laura at

BAMMA7 Results

Read all the results from Bamma 7 at

Customised Sport Are Proud to Sponsor Mark Aldridge with Demon Fightwear

Mark Aldridge will now be rocking Demon Fightwear in all of his fights! Check out our LiveJournal for more AWESOME news blogs

The Week That Was - Cage Fighting Kids AHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Kids fought in a cage, lots of people got upset, they had no reason to click on for the whole story! 

Customised Sport Are Proud to Sponsor Bobby McVite with Demon Fightwear

Demon Fightwear sponsor Bobby Mcvitie! 

Get yourself over to to check out this awesome news!