Monday, 21 October 2013

All New, Re-Engineered MMA Fight Shorts -

The all new re-designed Demon Fightwear and Angel Fightwear MMA Fight Shorts will hit shelves in Australia in November 2013. Our design teams went back to the drawing board to further improve the former range of MMA Fight Shorts.

For those of you who loved the original Demon Fightwear and Angel Fightwear MMA Gear, you will be blown away by these new Fight Shorts.
We listened to what our athletes had to say and have made the following improvements:
- Micro-mesh superlight weight, four way stretch fabric that allows for more unrestricted range of movement. Our new micro-mesh provides increased moisture transport for and comfort during the toughest of training sessions.
- Re-engineered fit provides for a less restricted, lighter feel that could give you that added advantage when every detail counts.
- Over engineered construction to ensure our MMA Fight Shorts withstand the test of time
The first in the new, re-engineered mma fight shorts will be the iconic Angel Fightwear, Ipos style. Stunning blue and white Angel Fightwear designs on a black background. The new Angel Fightwear, Ipos MMA Shorts will not disappoint. We have steered away from the former BJJ Gi/rip proof cotton, with screen print, to the all new micro-mesh with a quality digital print.
The first of the next generation Fight shorts will have bring back the iconic Ipos style with the following features:
- High quality, lightweight and anti fade digital printing
- Micro-mesh 4 way stretch, light weight fabric
- Stunning blue, white and black design
- Stylish embroidered logo, with sleek rubberised waist feature
The shorts will turn head where ever they go, in the gym, the cage, on the mat, or in the surf. These shorts are some of the best and meanest fight shorts on the market. So if you are searching for MMA Shorts Australia, these are the shorts for you.
The next generation of Angel Fightwear and Demon Fightwear fight shorts will be available in Australia, USA, Germany, UK, Russia, New Zealand, and many more.
What you for? Get some of these fight shorts in you gym bag today

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