Monday, 1 April 2013

Demon Fightwear Goes Global

Demon Fightwear just got bigger, meaner and badder!!  The all new product range and improved global distribution launches early 2013.
Need MMA gear in Australia, Thai Shorts in USA, Boxing Gloves in Germany... Demon Fightwear's new global distributors now makes the range of products more affordable and accessible.
To become an official distributore of the all new Demon Fightwear MMA products, just get in touch today
The wait is almost over!  After 8 month of planning, the all new global web platform is almost here.
Demon Fightwear awesome MMA fightwear products will soon be available for wholesale direct from our official Demon Fightwear distributors.
Demon Fightwear MMA, BJJ, Muay Thai and NBoxing Gear is available in Australia, Germany, UK and Ireland, New Zealand, Russia, USA and more.
Fans of the original range of stylish products will not be dissappointed.  As well as our original ranges; Thammaz, Urobach, Shiva, we're proud to announce the development of fresh new ranges guaranteed to impress.

As well as the original product ranges:
- MMA gloves
- Boxing Gloves
- Fight Shorts
- Bjj Gi
- Muay Thai Shorts
- and the rest of the original and unique range

We are proud to announce the evelopment of all new products including:
- Muay thai gear including chest/belly protection
- Boxing shorts
- Hats and beanies
- Street wear, including boards shorts

The new more extreme range of gear from Demon Fightwear will take the world by storm.  Motocross, basketball styled street wear, BMX and this space

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