Sunday, 14 April 2013

Demon Fightwear No Longer Does Just MMA Gear...BJJ, Motocross, BMX, scat and surf HERE WE COME

Angel Fightwear & Demon Fightwear formed in 2009 with the simple but bold aim to become world leading combat sports and MMA brands. Time further strengthening the scope of the brands on a global market with introduction of products to cater for wider martial arts our extreme sports.
The business produces a comprehensive range of MMA gear and MMA clothing with 2013 seeing expansion into other combat sports and sports such as surfing, bodyboarding, BMX, moto cross and skate.
The explosion in popularity of martial arts and MMA has seen an increase in MMA brands. Demon Fightwear prides itself on producing world class, quality MMA gear, MMA clothing, sportswear and street wear. As popularity and money in the sports increases, so does the level of competition.
Our athletes are elite athletes in peak physical condition. As the skill level of our passionate sportsmen and women increases, we believe that so to must the quality of the products. What better way to develop MMA gear, MMA clothing and sportswear that our athletes want to use, than to develop our products along side our fighters and athletes.

"Innovated by Athletes"

We pride ourselves on our innovative and stylish design, and our ethos for the brands. Our brands are innovated by our athletes.

"Co-operation With Our Athletes is Key"

Our brands are innovated by our athletes and the future of our brands is exciting. We are aiming for continual improvement. Continual improvement in our business, in our products and in our athletes. Co-operation With Our Athletes is Key. Demon Fightwear and Angel Fightwear  are proud to support some the world's best MMA fighters and sportsmen and women. We work closely with our team to ensure that the products that we produce are up to the task. All products undergo strict developments stages, quality control and testing. To ensure that you get great products and great value

"Innovation Is Key"

Innovation Is Key. The team here work closeley with our athletes, design teams, and our specialist consultants. Aiming to continuely introduce new releases with ber and more innovative products. As the sport advances, as the level of athletes advances, so will our products.

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